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Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance
Reviewed By Gloria Ferris
Official Apex Reviews Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

As poetry collections go, the ones that tend to stand out are those in which the poet unabashedly delves deep into the nether regions of the mind, body and spirit, taking the reader on an undaunted journey of esoteric enlightenment - and Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance falls right in line with that group.

A moving collection of poetry, prose, and short stories by Usiku,
Eloquence touches on a vast range of topics, but it draws its greatest strength from laying bare the most common everyday issues/situations confronting us all. Take for example, this passage from “A Humanly Being”:

“Doesn’t let wrongs stay long
Takes control of mistakes
By doing what is necessary
To receive forgiveness
Regain control over fate”

And this passage from “Perfection”:

“Quality without compromise
The way bees go about making honey
It is not for the common pace
But good for so many things
Satisfies the passion of expectation”

Such passages capture the trials and triumphs of common humanity in pointed, straightforward language, illustrating the daily internal battles that drive and unite us all.

It is well known, though, that poetry often best connects with readers when it comes to matters of the heart, and in this area Eloquence certainly doesn’t fall short. Usiku manages to illustrate both the joy and pain that love can bring quite vividly, as in this passage from “Reconsidering”:

“Trying to understand you
has been pained exhilaration,
Toughening and tenderizing my innermost portions.
For now I wish
I had a handful
of you.”

And this passage from “Virtual Love”:

“If your second incarnation
is lightning
joining earth and ozone
then let mine be thunder
rolling over Blue Ridge Mountains.”

These sentiments are sure to reverberate throughout the very fiber of anyone who has ever been in love.

A compelling, well-crafted ensemble, Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance is a literary treat sure to please poetry lovers from all walks of life - and it may just win over a few new converts before all is said and done.


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